Learning and Talent Development

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Individual goals are defined at the beginning of the performance cycle. Performance progress will be reviewed at the end of every quarter to have formal feedback discussions and focus on development areas in more regular basis to achieve the annual goals.

Annual Performance Appraisal is conducted at the end of March. Individual performance progress will be assessed from two perspectives: The what: Achievements and the How: Behavior.

“We invest in our people to build careers around a shared culture of fairness, diversity, empowerment and recognition”

As such we believe that employees should have a Career Plan which is determined and reviewed from time to time with their Manager.

Training programmes for skills relevant to the employee’s job and other skills will be made available to employees from time to time. Attendance and participation may be mandatory and employees may be required to attend such programmes whenever scheduled.

The Yoma Group also encourages employees to learn new skills related to their present position or to positions within the Yoma Group through cross training programmes and developmental programmes.

Training Programmes in Leadership Development, Professional Development (Hard Skill / Soft Skill) , Product & Service Development & Financial Awareness will be provided. Programmes are available for employees in both online (Digital learning) & offline (classroom learning) formats.

The employee is encouraged to discuss such interests with their immediate superior or the Human Resources Department before signing up for any course of study or training.