Disciplinary Action Procedures

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To help create a working atmosphere in which all employees can function together as an efficient and effective team.
To develop individual responsibility and respect towards his/her work, the Yoma Group’s property, co-workers and superiors.

To define and established tangible penalties for various offense.

To disseminate the policy regarding the disciplinary action adopted by the Group for infractions against the Yoma Group’s rules and regulations and the procedures for the enforcement of the disciplinary actions.

This section applies to all employees irrespective of whether full-time, part-time or temporary workers.

The Human Resources Department will ensure that during orientation that all employees have access to a copy of the Employee Handbook.

It is the responsibility of the management to reinforce adherence to the contents of the Code by all employees under their direct supervision.

It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department to conduct an independent and impartial investigation on the breach of discipline where dismissal or suspension is considered, to determine if the recommended disciplinary action is appropriate.

Enforcement, of the Yoma Group’s policies and disciplinary action are generally intended to educate the employees and are not intended as a punishment. Its main purpose is to correct, rehabilitate, and maintain general discipline in the organization. It is only in those cases where there is wilful and intentional desire to violate these rules and regulations, when the offense is very serious, or when prior attempts to correct have failed; that the Yoma Group will be compelled to dismiss an employee.

However, if disciplinary actions have to be imposed, the penalties shall be progressively applied depending on the gravity of the offence. The employees’ entire past record and performance shall also be taken into account. The management and the Human Resources Department will determine the offense or violation committed so that proper investigation can be made.

The above disciplines will depend on violation and following the regulation of Misconduct.

  • Poor attendance / tardiness
  • Poor job performance
  • Poor attitude
  • Discourtesy
  • Disobedience of Health / Safety regulations (Where no damage to the Yoma Group’s property or injury to life is present)
  • Breach of rules of a less serious offence other than those listed above.

The employee should be counseled, and the incident recorded in file. A verbal warning will be issued by the respective Section/Department Heads as deemed fit on repeated offence and/or any other offences committed. One verbal and two written warnings will be issued prior to a termination of service or dismissal from service.

Disciplinary action that may be undertaken by the Yoma Group include a deferral of promotion or demotion.
The following offences are classified under Gross Misconduct which may lead to dismissal, termination of service, suspension from work, demotion or any disciplinary action as may be deemed fit by the Management.

  • Theft
  • Falsification of documents
  • Gambling/betting/soliciting
  • Fighting and disorderly behaviour
  • Vandalism
  • Obscene or immoral conduct
  • Possession or use of intoxicants/drugs
  • Dishonesty
  • Disobedience of Health/Safety regulations (where damage of property or injury to life is present)
  • Unauthorised meeting/Gathering
  • Sleeping whilst on duty
  • Involvement in politics during working hour or time
  • Unapproved Fund raising/Collection
  • Loitering
  • Absence from work for more than 3 consecutive working days or 72 hours any without notice. or a total 5 absent days within a month without valid leave or excuse.
  • Breach of rules of a more serious offence other than those listed above.
  • Breach of the Yoma Group’s confidentiality policies.

It is necessary to track each employee’s record of offenses/ disciplinary actions reference. When a certain disciplinary action is imposed, it will be recorded in the personnel file to facilitate the review of the employee’s disciplinary action.

Recognizing the value and importance of full discussion in clearing up misunderstandings and preserving harmonious relations, reasonable effort shall be made to dispose of any grievance at the lowest possible level.

Step (1) You should take the matter up with your section head. The direct section head will reply within seven (7) working days.

Step (2) If you still feel aggrieved, you may take it up with your Entity Head. The Entity Head will reply in writing within seven (7) working days.

Step (3) If you are still not satisfied, you may take it up to the CEO. The CEO will reply within seven (7) working days.