Emergency and Crisis Response Guidelines For Employees at The Campus

When the alarm is activated:

  • Evacuate via the nearest and safest stairwell
  • Convene at the dedicated/safest/closest Assembly Point outline in the emergency procedures
  • Follow the instructions from your dedicated fire warden/Emergency Response Coordinator.

There will be two assembly points and employees are advised to convene at the dedicated/safest/closet Assembly Point shown below:

  • Assembly Point A – wing A & Wing B
  • Assembly Point B – Wing C

In case of fire:

  • DO NOT PANIC. Remain calm
  • DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. Elevators will not operate
  • Evacuate via the nearest and safest emergency staircase
  • Hold on to handrail and walk DOWN exit staircase
  • Proceed to the designated assembly point and await further instructions from Emergency Response Team (ERT) and/or the fire department
  • Do not re-enter the building until clearance is given by the ERT personnel

If you are unable to leave:

  • Use wet sheets, towels, or clothing to stuff them in all cracks around doors and vents
  • Using ice bucket or available water to keep doors and walls wet
  • If unit is smoky, fold a wet towel in a tringle and tie over your nose and mouth, and stay low
  • Make yourself visible to rescue personnel through any window or balcony. DO NOT JUMP!!!
  • Keep fighting fire until help arrives. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!
  • There are available hose-reel and fire extinguisher at every level and wing

Prior notice will be given to all staffs/occupants regarding the date and time of the practice fire drill.

At the sound of the alarm:

  • Proceed immediately to the nearest fire exit
  • Convene at the dedicated/safest/closest Assembly Point outlined in the emergency procedures
  • Follow the instructions from your dedicated fire warden/Emergency Response Coordinator

In case of sudden stop of the elevator due to the power failure, please remain clam and do not panic. The elevator’s automated rescue device will lower the elevator car to the nearest floor and open the door. The emergency generator will start to supply power to the elevator within 15 to 30 seconds.

If you are trapped in elevator:

  • Press alarm button inside the elevator, upon received of response via intercom, describe the problem
  • do not attempt to open the doors
  • please hold the handrail and step aside from the car door
  • elevator technicians will lower the cab to the nearest floor and open the doors from the outside
  • please remain calm and rest assured that assistance is on the way

During a severe storm emergency:

  • Listen for local authority announcement and update from ERT members
  • If you are not advised to evacuate, stay indoors, away from windows
  • Disconnect all electrical appliances and equipment
  • If you are driving when a storm hits, immediately park in an area that is clear of trees, powerlines, and water courses. Stay inside your car

In the event of an earthquake:

  • DROP to the ground
  • TAKE COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table and HOLD ON to it until the shaking stops
  • STAY INDOORS, do not exit building, or use elevators
  • STAY AWAY from all windows and large glass objects
  • AVOID being underneath heavier objects such as lights, wall hanging and other items which may fall
  • HELP people with special needs to a safe place, if necessary
  • Wheelchair-bound individuals should lock brakes

For all onsite accidents/illness/incidents, please notify to Emergency Response Team members and/or Front Desk Office for immediate assistance.

  • Do not allow anyone to follow you/and or enter the building without an access card
  • Report all suspicious activities/individuals to Security Desk/Front Office.
  • ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings

Emergency Response Position Name Contact
Emergency Response Coordinator Nay Linn Htun
Min Naung Aye
09 777 229 229
09 778 298 765
Security Control Room Duty Officer 01 368 77 66 (Ext: 8633)
Security Guard Post 1 Duty Security 01 368 88 66 (Ext: 8631)
Security Guard Post 2 Duty Security 01 368 77 66 (Ext: 8630)
Main Front Desk Duty Receptionists 01 368 77 66 (Ext: 8441, 8442)
Building Maintenance Office Maintenance Team
Maintenance Engineer
01 368 77 66 (Ext: 9999)
09 777 257 888
Communication Team Leader Thiri Yee Mon 09 777 211 888
Facilities Team Leader Yin Mon Oo 09 450 005 735
Evacuation / Emergency Warden Leader Saw Nyi Nyi San 09 777 224 445
Traffic Control Team Leader Wai Phyo Maung 09 777 257 888
Headcount Team Leader Aye Thida Soe 09 777 223 883
Logistic Management Lwin Lwin Soe 09 785 421 002
First Aiders Leader Security Team 09 955 400 922