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Get To Know Pocket Offers In Depth

Reward System: Offering various perks to loyal customers, including discounts, exclusive access, special offers, and redeemable coins. 

Loyalty Tactics: Stargazing the Business with the totally customizable features including Membership, Lucky Draw & more only in Pocket App. 

Customer Retention: Encouraging repeat business through rewards, fostering loyalty and appreciation among customers. 

Data Collection and Analysis: Gathering customer purchasing behavior for businesses to tailor marketing strategies. 

Boosted Sales: Drive to increased purchases as customers strive to earn rewards or redeem coins. 

✅ Competitive Advantages: Differentiating a business from its competitors and can stand out among the same businesses by attracting customers who are drawn to the rewards and benefits offered by the program. 

Yoma Bank: Product Highlights

On March 22, 2024, the Yoma Bank Next Mobile Application Media Launch Event was held with local news media at Melia Hotel (Yangon). Yoma Bank’s Acting Chief Products, Services, and Channels Officer, U Nyan Myint Aung, gave an opening speech. Following that, Head of Digital Products, U Waiyan Min Htet, explained in detail how financial management can be done quickly and easily through the Yoma Bank Next App, according to the theme “Bank Smarter, Next Better”. We are proud to share some memorable photos of Yoma Bank Next Mobile Application Media Launch Event. 

Onenex: Concept to Reality 

In the fast-paced world of technology, the creation of software not only demands expertise but also a seamless coordination among the team. At Onenex, we’ve honed our software development process to ensure that each project is a reflection of our commitment to excellence, meeting our clients’ needs. 

The Journey from Concept to Reality

Our software development process at Onenex is a collaborative journey towards building solutions that matter. It begins with our Business Analysts who craft a comprehensive Business Requirement Specification document, ensuring that every team member is aligned with the client’s vision. Our UI/UX Designers then translate these requirements into visually appealing design mockups, setting the stage for an engaging user experience. Our Developers transform these designs into dynamic, functional applications with clean, efficient code, while our QA team ensures that the software not only functions flawlessly but also surpasses our clients’ expectations. At the helm of this process is our Project Manager, who ensures that the project adheres to timelines, budgets, and quality standards. We pride ourselves on delivering software that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Join us on this journey to transform your vision into a digital reality .

Yoma Connect: The All-In-One Features

We have announced a new update for Yoma Connect on March 14th! Later on March 18th, we have upgraded Poll Feature.

Poll feature

With our upgraded poll function, you can now easily gather feedback, make decisions, and engage with your team in a whole new way. To access the Poll Functionality, simply update your Yoma Connect app to the latest version. 

Moreover, we’re excited to announce some exciting upcoming features! Get ready for the convenience of Biometric Login and the fun addition of Yoma Connect Fun Badges coming soon. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Training 2024

Group Technology is thrilled to announce the launch of our Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program, curated to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate today’s digital landscape securely. Led by seasoned trainers Ko Tin Tun Lwin and Ko Aung Thu from Group Technology, this immersive program covers crucial topics like Introduction to Cybersecurity, Social Engineering Awareness, Password Security, Malware Awareness, Protecting Information, and Security Policies and Procedures (Dos and Don’ts). Stay tuned for program schedules and registration details. Let’s join forces to strengthen our cybersecurity posture and protect our digital assets! #CybersecurityAwareness 

Simplify Your Tasks with Microsoft Planner

What is Microsoft Planner? 
Microsoft Planner is a task management tool that is part of the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity applications. It allows users to create plans, organize tasks into buckets, assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and track progress—all in one place. 

How does it work?
Using Microsoft Planner is easy and intuitive. Here’s how it works: 

Create a Plan : Start by creating a new plan for your project or task. Give your plan a name and description to provide context for your team. 

Add Tasks : Once you’ve created a plan, you can begin adding tasks to it. Simply click the “Add Task” button, enter a name for the task, and assign it to a team member if necessary. 

Organize Tasks : Tasks can be organized into buckets to help you categorize and prioritize them. For example, you might create buckets for different phases of a project or for tasks related to specific team members. 

Assign Tasks : Assign tasks to team members by selecting their name from the dropdown menu when creating or editing a task. This ensures that everyone knows what they’re responsible for and helps to keep projects on track.

Track Progress : As tasks are completed, you can mark them as such in Microsoft Planner. This allows you to track progress and see how your project is progressing at a glance.

Benefits of Microsoft Planner

  • Streamlined Task Management : With all your tasks organized in one place, you can easily see what needs to be done and who is responsible for each task. 
  • Improved Collaboration : Microsoft Planner makes it easy for team members to collaborate on tasks, share files, and communicate with each other—all within the same platform.
  • Enhanced Productivity : By providing a clear overview of your tasks and deadlines, Microsoft Planner helps you stay focused and on track, leading to increased productivity. 

In conclusion, Microsoft Planner is a powerful yet user-friendly tool that can help you and your team manage tasks more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, and ultimately achieve your goals. Try it out today and see the difference it can make! 
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Discover the Must-Try AI Chatbots

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots continues to expand, offering users various options for enhanced communication, problem-solving, and information retrieval. From personal assistants to virtual tutors, AI chatbots have become integral parts of our daily lives, providing solutions to various tasks and inquiries. 

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of AI chatbots, exploring their diverse functionalities, features, and capabilities. We’ll take a closer look at some of the top contenders in the AI chatbot arena, examining their pricing structures, language models, current events capabilities, and key features. 

Highlighting 2023 | Group Technology Achievements and Year in Review

Group Technology’s Product Team introduces all the websites that team has created for Yoma Group’s entities in 2023. 

Awei Pila Resort Website (Revamp)

February 2023

Kospa Logistic Website (Revamp)

July 2023

StarCity Sports Club Website (New)

July 2023

KFC Myanmar Website (New)

July 2023

Yoma Land Website (Revamp)

September 2023

Ducati Myanmar Website (Revamp)

October 2023

Pocket Website (Revamp)

October 2023

Governor’s Residence Website

November 2023

Announcement for Next App Portal and Business Banking Portal 

Next Portal

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Next Portal 1.1.0, a significant addition to our suite of digital platforms designed to elevate banking services for our customers, starting from Nov 20, 2023.The primary objective behind the launch of the Next Portal is to offer enhanced convenience to our clients, complementing the existing Next Mobile App. We strive to provide quick access to superior financial services, ensuring a seamless and efficient banking experience for our valued customers.

Initially tested by our internal employees as a market-viable product, the Next Portal has undergone rigorous evaluation to ensure its reliability and effectiveness. Building on the success of this internal testing phase, we are now excited to extend the availability of the Next Portal to our existing customers. Our focus is particularly directed towards individuals who may face challenges in downloading and utilizing the Next Mobile App. The Next Portal serves as an accessible alternative, catering to the diverse needs of our customers. To access the Next Portal, users may conveniently navigate to the following link:

The detailed features of Next Portal Version 1.1.0 are as follows

  • Activation
  • Login
  • Acc Transfer (Own Acc, Other Acc, Other Bank, WavePay)      
  • Bill Payment & Mobile Topup
  • Deposit & Fixed Deposit Acc Overview
  • Account Overview & Detail
  • Download Account Statement
  • Add Receivers
  • Transaction History
  • Forget Password
  • Open FD and Super FD
  • Open Flexi Everyday 

Business Banking Portal

The primary objective of the YOMA Bank Business Banking Portal is to provide improved financial services with expeditious and straightforward accessibility for our esteemed SME and Corporate customers. The existing portal, currently catering to SME and Enterprise customers, is scheduled to cease its services shortly. In replace of this, YOMA Bank has introduced the YOMA Bank Business Banking Portal (BBP) Version 1.1, effective from November 2, 2023. To use the business banking portal(BBP) provided by YOMA bank, SME & Enterprise customers can kindly  access the portal via the following link:

YoWave: Enhanced YB Onboarding Approach & Campaign

WavePay Customers can now easily open Yoma Bank Flexi Everyday account on their WavePay App by clicking on the Yoma Bank banner in “Promotions” session. With the recent integration with Wave’s KYC data sharing API, customers will have their personal information pre-populated in the Yoma Bank application portal for their convenience. It is a step towards convenient and intuitive simplified customer onboarding experience with minimal input. Apply Flexi (

Along with the enhancement in the application form, Yoma Bank has launched a campaign between Nov 8th and Dec 8th 2023 for customers who used the banner in WavePay App to open Yoma Bank accounts. For every 30,000 MMK customers deposit into their newly opened accounts, they will be eligible for a lucky draw ticket which can win cash prizes such as 300,000 MMK, 100,000 MMK and 50,000 MMK. The criteria is that customers must have downloaded and activated Yoma Bank’s Next Application.

Pocket 1st Anniversary, 365 Days Together

In just one year, together, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones starting from the exciting launch of our Loyalty Program, Pocket MM. Throughout this incredible journey, we are overjoyed to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Pocket by introducing new features including Membership, Lucky Draw, and Special Offers. 

Users can now access exclusive perks, participate in thrilling draws, and enjoy special discounts directly within the Pocket Application, enhancing the overall user experience. Do not miss out to participate in the Pocket (1) Year Campaigns & for the better Digital Lifestyle Experiences through Pocket, just download Pocket on App stores, Play Store & Huawei App Gallery.