CEO Melvyn Pun Advice (24.03.2020)

Keep Calm. Don’t Panic…. Buy!

We are seeing some panic buying in markets. I recommend everyone plan for their essential needs, in particular medical supply. But there is no need to panic buy. The Group has been working closely with Metro to secure supply of essential goods that will cover our community for a period of time.
In addition, to give everyone peace of mind and to avoid you rushing with the crowd in the markets, we are implementing two services:
1) Campus ZayStarting 25March 2pm, Campus canteen will be stocked with some essential goods for sale (Rice, Potato, red onion, garlic, vermicelli, egg, cooking oil, hand sanitizer, hand wash, toilet paper, sanitary napkins). We welcome walk-ins and encourage pre-order a day in advance.
We will also start online ordering, and plan extend the arrangement to other sites outside of Campus in due course.
2) Delivery to PHE and Star CityFor residents of Pun Hlaing and Star City, Metro will provide a online shop with delivery service to each home for all of their products. That will start next week.
Emergency Quick Loan We recognized these are difficult times and you may have sudden need for cash. Yoma Bank has put in place an Emergency Staff Loan program which will allow you to borrow up to 3 months salary at a reduced market rate, which you can repay over 12 months. This loan can be approved immediately and money withdrawn within the next day. Details will be provided by next week.
We are in this together. Stay safe 🙏